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1792 - Kentucky Straight Bourbon - 225th Anniversary

Nose: This has a very nice rich and deep “classic bourbon” smell than envelopes you when you sniff it. Just delightful. Caramel, molasses and vanilla. Palate: This is one that tastes as rich as it smells. The first sip was creamy and rich, with a very nice smoothness that leaned to the sweet side. The mouthfeel on this is just fantastic. It is velvety and so inviting that you want to just swirl it around for a while. I really like the balance on this one. It has a lot going on without being too conflicting. It has very nice notes of caramel, vanilla, milk chocolate and a hint of rye spice. The heat level on this is money. It is nice and warming and lingers just the right amount of time. It isn’t harsh or burning and, in fact, it is almost unnoticeable to the acclimated whiskey tongue. On later sips, I got a very nice toasted barrel taste and a little bit more rye spice. And…was still hankering for another glass…... Comments: 1792 puts out some products that are only put out once a year…..but can still be found without too much trouble, if you look right after they are released (e.g. Sweet Wheat, High Rye). And, thankfully, they usually don’t charge an arm and a leg for them (e.g. some are in the $40 range). Then, they issue some really limited release stuff like this. This was only available for purchase in Kentucky. It commemorates Kentucky joining the Union in 1792. I had a friend who graciously picked it up for me while visiting relatives in KY. It clocks it at a very nice 92.15 proof. Just right. AND, it commemorates the year (1892) and the fact that KY was the 15th state to join the Union. It is reported to be 10 year old juice. I don’t know if I was just in the mood for this today or what, but I really enjoyed it. I was jonesing for a second glass before I was even 1/2 way through the first one! What I don’t like about it is……it is gone. Unless you want to spend some bucks on the secondary market, you’re out of luck. This brings out an interesting dilemma I face once in a while. When you see something “limited release” like this on the shelf, AND don’t have an opportunity to taste it first, do you buy more than one bottle? On most releases, the price is usually high enough to make you think twice. In the past I’ve had it go both ways. I usually like Woodford’s Masters Collection so, in the past, I’ve sometimes bought multiple bottles of it, hoping it will be really good. Sometimes it is and sometimes it is just “good” (i.e. not “great”). So, I ended up having regrets afterwards. Then, there are bottles like the Larceny Barrel Strength that I bought, really liked, and went back to get more of it. SO….it is a coin toss, because sometimes, you can’t “go back”. If you have unlimited, or nearly unlimited funds, then it isn’t an issue, but if you have to judiciously spend your whiskey spending dollars, it can be a real dilemma. So…what’s the answer? I’m going to bow out and let you decide. Yeah, I know it is a cop-out, but it’s my review, so if you don’t like it… can suck it! OK…that was mean. So…’s what I say…..when you buy a bottle of something hard to find…..don’t wait to taste it. Taste it as soon as you get home…and, if you like it (or, LOVE it), rush back to the store and get more. Or, if you’re a gambler (or it is too far to go back), then just get the second bottle.

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