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1792 - Kentucky Straight Bourbon (Bottled in Bond)

Nose: This has a light, slightly minty scent. After it sat in the glass for a while, I also picked up faint hints of lemon. Palate: On the first sip, this has classic bourbon notes (caramel & vanilla) but I also did pick up on the mintiness from the nose. The mouthfeel is a bit on the chewy and thicker side. It has a bit of a bite, but the heat isn’t outrageous and it isn’t harsh. For 100 proof, the heat is actually surprisingly short as is the finish. On later sips, I picked up on some rye spice, but there was something on top of it, or in addition to it, that I couldn’t quite pin down. It was almost “grassy”. On later sips, the heat seemed to effect mainly the roof of the mouth at the back, which I found a bit odd. Further sips brought out some bitter chocolate notes as well as a bit of a bitter or bitter chocolate aftertaste. The mint flavors from the first sip seem to have disappeared on later sips and seems to have been replaced by more oaky notes. Overall, this one is rather low on the sweetness scale. Comments: 1792 does a lot of interesting bottling and is one of those odd bourbons that I WANT to like more than I ultimately do. But…..I usually don’t mind too much because they tend to be priced lower than comparable (limited release) products from other distilleries. Because this is Bottled-in-Bond, it clocks in at 100 proof. I think this bottle cost a little bit more than regular 1792 and I want to say it was about $39. Barton puts this out just once a year (every fall), so it can be hard to find once fall is gone. That said, always check your smaller liquor stores because you might be surprised on what you find and what has been sitting on the shelves. Like other 1792’s I’ve had, I think this one will improve once the bottle has been open for while. The exposure to air in the glass definitely improved it - the time between first sip and last was probably about 20 minutes. Lastly…..this would never be my first choice because it isn’t too sweet, but it is a very serviceable sipper that I found pleasant and worthy of another glass. If you like a lot of rye, but don’t want it as just up-front/in-your-face rye, you might like this because of the somewhat complex nature of the rye in it. You’ll taste it, but it will keep you guessing about what else is going on.

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