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1835 Bourbon Whiskey

Nose: Super light, almost nonexistent. It has hints of honey and raisins and just a tad bit of corn. Palate: This is very “middle of the road”. I pick up some rye spiciness on this one. It has a dense mouthfeel, but it isn’t particularly thick. The finish is pretty short, isn’t harsh and doesn’t burn. There is a little bit of nice warmth but nothing too severe. The second sip brought out some pepper, some toasty woodiness and some vanilla and cinnamon. There isn’t a lot going on with this, but it is still nice enough to want another sip. On the 3rd sip, I started getting the “youth” taste that makes me think that this is probably no more than 3 or 4 years old. Comments: This clocks in at 90 proof, but you’d be hard pressed to guess that if you tasted it blind. It is very gentle. It is a nice sipper. Nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, it really is a very “regular” bourbon, with nothing that sets it apart from its brethren. It won’t knock your socks off but it also won’t offend you. Now, for the crazy part. This is made in Texas. I have a long-standing argument that bourbon should not be made in Texas. All the OTHER ones from there that I have tried have been both overpriced and not worth a second drink. Some are downright awful. This one is totally inoffensive, not super expensive and very easy to drink. I like it but I’m not sure it is worth going out of the way to get, unless you want to have the one decent Texas bourbon in your collection. If I’m offered it at someone’s house, however, I will not turn it down. One of my Cowboy buddies brought this back from Texas and it is one of his favorites. (It is usually right below $30 down there.) He is a fan of Irish whiskey, so I can understand why he likes this. If you like Irish, you’ll probably like this. UPDATE: SO……the label on MY bottle says “Bottled in Texas” on the back… others online report that their bottles actually say “Distilled in Kentucky”. SO…….I’m guessing this really is NOT a Texas bourbon. Which is a good thing….because now my original argument can stand….bourbon should not be made in Texas.

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