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Ancient Age Kentucky Straight Bourbon 10 Star

Nose: Although a bit light, it has richness to it. Hard to describe, but it is just a “meatier” smell. I get a little bit of spice and might guess “rye” but will hold off until I taste it. I also, very oddly, I get a little hint of rubber. Weird. Palate: Ah, that’s a nice. Very gentle and sweet. No bite. It has a relatively short finish that is warming but not “hot” at all. I like this guy. It isn’t very complex, but I think for the money and its age, it is definitely worth a try. Comments: This 750ml should only set you back less than 15 bucks!). It clocks in at 90 proof and the label states it is aged at least 36 months. It is produced by Ancient Age Distilling in Frankfort, KY.

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