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Blood Oath Bourbon - Pact #6

Nose: This has a nice mellow, fruity smell that is a bit on the citrusy side. The nose is a bit on the light side, but still very pleasant. Palate: The first sip was a combination of dark cherry and cinnamon. It was a bit tingly on the tongue. The mouthfeel is on the medium to thick side. There’s a nice warmth to this without being a blast of heat. The finish is medium to long and the warmth shows up mostly in the finish. This has a nice chewiness to it and on later sips, it comes across as earthy, with a dry finish. On much later sips, some really nice, subtle rye spiciness comes through. Comments: I liked this selection because it immediately let you know that you were drinking something very nice. There is no doubt that there is some mature bourbon in this blend. It clocks in at 98.6 proof but doesn’t come across as too hot. According to the company website, this is a blend of a 14 year old, an 8 year old and a 7 year old. After blending, it is finished in Cognac casks. This is the second Cognac finished bourbon that I’ve had (the other is a Woodford) and I’ve very much enjoyed both of them. I think that maybe the Cognac casks are adding a nice subtle sweetness to this bourbon. I also think that the guys who blend this do a great job at putting together their “secret blend”. But, at $120, it SHOULD be really good. It is always hard to justify a bourbon purchase over $100, but if you want something special that you will only sample on special occasions, this is a good choice.

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