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David Nicholson -1843 (100 Proof)

Nose: The nose is on the light side with notes of alcohol. There’s a little bit of spice that comes through, but it has your standard “bourbon" smell. Palate: The mouthfeel is on the watery side. The first sip brings out a decent amount of spice combined with some dark sweetness and burnt flavors. It is well balanced and doesn’t really have any particular flavor which overpowers the others. The finish is on the shorter side. The warmth doesn’t kick in until the finish and it doesn’t really ever become very prominent. On later sips, the rye spice comes more to the forefront, with some light hints of honey and raisin. I also got some wood and earthy flavors on later sips, but the sweetness takes prominence over them. Comments: This is another 100 proof variety of David Nicholson. You can tell it is a little higher proof but it really isn’t crazy hot, particularly after the first sip. Like the other 100 proof David Nicholson I reviewed (the Reserve), this is reported to be sourced from Heaven Hill. Although I found no mashbill %,, according to the David Nicholson folks, this is a wheated bourbon. Internet speculation says that it is probably the same mashbill that is used in Old Fitzgerald, Larceny and Rebel Yell. It falls into the $30 price range. I found this to be odd, given the amount of spice I picked up. Nevertheless, this is a nice sipper. It has a richness and balance not often found in this price range. Total Wine shows it as available for $32.) I think that this is one of those “below the radar”, inexpensive but well worth the price selections that will eventually be “discovered” and then go up to some stupid price. I wish I had tasted this a bit closer to the other David Nicholson to see which one I like better…..but will do so some day. Lastly, my sample ran out before I had a chance to do it, but I suspect a few drops of water might bring out some interesting nuances on this one. I also suspect that it would make a very good cocktail bourbon. If you are looking for something different in the “wheated” world, I’d say this is a good one to try.

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