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David Nicholson - Reserve

Nose: This has just a light and sweet, classic bourbon smell. If anything stands out, it would be mellow fruity notes, mostly cherry. The alcohol lets you know it is there and tickles the nose a bit, but it isn’t too over the top. Palate: The first impression this gives is a nice rich and velvety mouthfeel, which is very pleasant. It actually takes a while for the finish to kick in, so I guess you’d say it has a moderately long mid-palate. The finish has that nice bourbon warming to it, without being harsh or burning. The flavors are robust without being overwhelming. It is well balanced, so no one particular flavor overpowers the others. It is mildly sweet although I did pick up some rye spiciness. Later sips bring out dark chocolate, toastiness and earthy flavors, combined with some more of the rye spice. Comments: I like this. It is a very nice sipper….but…I’m not sure it is a year-round one. This is spot-on a good choice for a cold winter night. I’d even enjoy it late fall or early spring, but I think it is a little to rich and thick for summer. Which is A-OK with me. A bourbon doesn’t have to be good all the time. This is a respectable 100 proof, but is one of those bourbons you probably wouldn’t guess that if you tasted it blind. I found no mashbill information but it is reportedly “high rye”. It is also reportedly source from Heaven Hill. I got it long enough ago that I don’t remember what I paid for it, but the Internet indicates it should be available in the $30 range.

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