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Deadwood Tumblin Dice - Single Barrel, Barrel Proof - “Heavy Rye Mashbill"

Nose: This has a light, youthful smell with alcohol scents being prominent. There’s a slight medicinal scent towards the end. It isn’t overly inviting, but it wasn’t bad. Palate: This has a medium mouthfeel that has a very rich feel to it, but it isn’t too oily. It has a rich and deep taste with quite a bit of rye spiciness. For a barrel proof selection, it really isn’t super hot. It has some nice warmth that kicks in at the mid-palate into the finish, which is about medium in length. On the second sip, I still got a lot of rye spiciness along with some pepper. There are some base bourbon flavors in this one, but it isn’t really sweet and I think in a blind taste, I might confuse this with a nice aged rye vice a bourbon. It has a bit of toasted oakiness in the finish, along with just a tiny amount of dark chocolate. Comments: This clocks in at 110 proof. It really doesn’t taste that high. If you like a lot of rye flavor in your bourbon, I think you’ll like this. The label says, “Heavy Rye Mashbill” and I believe it. If you aren’t in the mood for a lot of rye, save this for another day. This is a sourced whiskey (likely to be MGP in Indiana) that is reported to be aged a minimum of 4 years. It’s mashbill is supposedly 60% corn, 36% rye, 4% barley. This is an easier drinker than you would expect for a barrel proof. I enjoyed it, but you really get a lot of rye, so just keep that in mind when tasting. In the $70 range, I think this is just a tad overpriced. But most barrel proofs cost more these days, so it isn’t surprising. I just opened this bottle prior to tasting, and I suspect that now that it is open, the flavor will open up. In a few months, I’m looking forward to trying this again to see how the open bottle effected it.

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