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Deadwood (Yep, just like the town in South Dakota and the TV show about that town.)

Nose: Honey and raisins. Palate: This one is nice and sweet. A nice “bourbon” sweet. You can actually taste the honey and a bit of the raisins from the nose. The mouthfeel is pretty watery. I get no spice at all on this one, so my guess is, there’s no rye in the mash bill. It is pretty tame and doesn’t pack much of a punch. The finish is weak and pretty short. It warms a little, but there is no harshness nor burn. Comments: For a bottom shelf (i.e. cheap - I think I paid just on either side of $20) bourbon, this is actually pretty good. Not great, but not all that bad. There isn’t a whole lot going on with and it is definitely not very complex, but it is a really easy drinker. Although a step or three down in quality from my go-to for new bourbon drinkers (Basil Hayden), it has a lot of the same, easy-to-drink qualities….at 1/2 the price (or maybe more). This is one you don’t see in a lot of stores. I’m actually surprised I like this one. I bought it A.) because of the name and 2.) because the guy at the liquor store recommended it. It has a weird background…distilled in Indiana, aged in South Carolina and bottled in Bardstown. SO….maybe it is the (arguably, SLIGHT) Bardstown connection that does something for this guy? If it wasn’t for the name (and VERY cool, pokerish label), I probably would not have gotten it….especially because it has THIS kiss-of-death statement on the label…”Carefully aged in New American Oak barrels no less than 6 months…..) Go out and immediately track down a bottle of this? Nah. But if you happen to see it and are in need of a cheap sipper, you could definitely do worse.

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