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Hancock’s President’s Reserve - Single Barrel

Nose: Sweet, with scents of molasses. I also got a little apricot and raisin. It has nice, inviting aroma. Palate: This is a nice and sweet right up front. I definitely got the raisins, and then honey and some fruitiness. The second sip brought out some dark chocolate. It has a nice mouthfeel…not too chunky but not watery. The finish on this is pretty short. It has nice warmth that is very far from being harsh or burning. If you let it sit in your mouth a while, you start to get some rye spiciness, but it is light, so I’m guessing if there’s rye in the mash bill, there isn’t much of it. Comments: This is a very nice sipper. It is easy going and, although not quite at the “easy” level as Basil Hayden, this would probably be a good introductory bourbon for a new bourbon drinker to try without getting scared away. It isn’t terrible complex, but it will leave you trying to figure out some of the flavors. Sources on the Internet report that this is made with Buffalo Trace’s mash bill #2 (the one they use for Blanton’s, Elmer T. Lee, Rock Hill Farms and Ancient Age - there’s reportedly 12 - 15% rye in the mash bill
[NOTE: So…I was wrong…that is BT’s highest rye content mash bill]). It is 88.9 proof but really doesn’t represent that in the tasting….it comes across as an 84 or 80. The bad news is, it ain’t cheap. It is in the over $50 range. If you can get it at Dollar Days for somewhere in the $30’s, I’d say get it. At regular retail…..well, although I like it, I really don’t think it is worth that much…which is too bad. The bottle I have is several years old AND a single barrel, so remember that the bottle you get now may be different.

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