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Heaven Hill - Old Style Bourbon

Nose: A little bit of corn and some sweetness, but it is really light. It comes across as a hint of “moonshineyness” (yep, just made that up… means, it KINDA smells a LITTLE bit like pure moonshine). If anything, I think this just indicates the “youth” of this product. Palate: Not harsh but not very memorable. Almost no heat but a tiny bit of warmth on the finish. I get a little bit of corn, some woodiness, and VERY oddly something that approaches what I would describe as “licking a river rock”. OK, I know that is odd, but I can’t really figure out how else to describe it. Weird. Comments: Very drinkable but nothing memorable. It is “plain”. About what you would expect for an inexpensive, entry level bourbon. I expected it to taste like (or be the same as) the Tom Sims 4 year old previously reviewed, but I don’t think it is the same animal. Unfortunately, while there is nothing wrong with this bourbon, there also isn’t anything (even at its lower price point) that would make me run out and get it again. If you wanted an inexpensive bourbon for mixing, I think it would fit the bill. I suspect it would be fine in an old fashioned or drowned in coke or ginger ale. I think this 750 cost about $12 or less, so you aren’t breaking the bank to try it. You also aren’t wasting as much money as you would for some young New York brand that costs 3 times as much and tastes MUCH younger. Our mantra: It is KY, Bardstown…..still worth it….if you’re looking for something cheap you won’t have any major regrets for the money. This one clocks in an 80 proof.

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