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J.W. Dant Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey - Bottled in Bond

Nose: Pretty mild, a little sweet and a slight amount of spice. Palate: This selection has a bit of edge to it. It isn’t quite a burn, more of a “harshness”. It warms, but has some bite to it. It has a decent mouthfeel, with a little bit of oilyness but not like a really good high end selection. I’m picking up some spice on this and suspect there is some rye in the mashbill. I think mostly because of the edge on this one, that I’d prefer to use this as a cocktail ingredient, vice drinking it straight. Because of the edge on this one, this is the first of the selections that I thought about adding some water… I added about 6 drops. It toned it down slightly, but seemed to bring forward the spiciness more. The finish is still on the medium side but without any distinctive flavors taking over. Comments: This is a bottom shelf selection that I think cost under $20 for the 1.75 bottle, so don’t expect much. Although the label says “The Dant Distillery Company”, this is another Heaven Hill product. I’m pretty sure that it is NOT the same product as any of the other selections tasted to date. This one is Bottled-in-Bond (100 proof), so that explains the heat/edge that it has. If you need a cheap mixer, you could do worse but honestly, there isn’t anything that would make me go out and get another bottle.

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