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Jefferson’s Straight Rye - 10 year old

Nose: This has a very light scent with hints of citrus, corn, rye spice and a little bit of tart apple Palate: The mouthfeel is a bit watery and light. It’s rye spiciness comes through right from the start, but it is never overpowering. It isn’t an intense rye and, at times, it is more of a rye bread flavor than a heavy spice flavor. This is a pretty mild sipper, in my opinion. It doesn’t burn and isn’t harsh and the warmth, present mostly in the finish, isn’t intense and doesn’t last long. Comments: Well……I was off my game today. Most of the Ryes in the Flying Aces are grouped together on the shelf……except this one. This one was in with all the other Jefferson's. So, when I grabbed it, I wasn’t really paying attention and didn’t realize it was a rye until after I had poured it and was taking the photo of the bottle. Not one to waste ANY whiskey, I decided to soldier on. I have never been a huge fan of Jefferson’s but that hasn’t stopped me from buying and trying several varieties (I keep hoping, because a lot of people DO like their stuff). And….I know that it has its followers and a lot of people like it. It isn’t that it is bad, it just doesn’t do it for me. Nothing ever seems to stand out and put Jefferson’s above something else. This Rye stands in that same category. It isn’t bad. If someone served it to me in their home and said it was one of their favorites, I would still drink it and even have a second glass if offered AND I would even keep my piehole shut about not liking it all that much. But…..every time I’ve bought a bottle, brought it home and tried it, I’ve been disappointed. This rye, at a higher price point, isn’t as good as ryes I really like, like High West Double Rye or Rittenhouse. This guy clocks in at 94 proof but is pretty tame, I’d say. It is 100% rye…..and Internet sources indicate that it is CANADIAN rye (with one source being specific and saying it is likely to be from Alberta Distillers). I can’t remember what I paid for this, but it appears to see in the $30 - $40 range.

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