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Wigle Pennsylvania Straight Rye

BONUS! Guest Reviewer review! I had the pleasure of sharing this whiskey with some other whiskey fans (AND…. a hearty "Thank you!" to the one who provided it!)

Nose: This has a youthful, but not moonshiny, scent with a fair amount of medicinal tones to it. I also picked up on some anise. Palate: This has a light, youthful taste that isn’t as spicy or overwhelming as some ryes. It has a light mouthfeel and has almost no heat to it. On later sips, its rye spiciness started showing through more. Although not complex, it is very easy to drink. Comments: This is a decent example of a young rye and a good example, I suppose, of the “Pennsylvania” or “Monongahela” style of rye…..although, truth be told, I’m not sure I could tell the difference between that style and Maryland style. Although, now that I think about it, that side-by-side comparison would make an interesting afternoon of sampling. Wigle is 84 proof and is aged 2 - 4 years. It will run you in the mid $40 range. The mashbill is 68% rye , 18% wheat, and 14% malted barley. According to their website,, each batch is a blend of 2 year old rye from 25 gallon barrels and 3-4 year old rye from 53 gallon barrels. The distillery is in Pittsburgh, PA. The distillery is named after Phillip Wigle who was a distiller in the 1700’s who was partially responsible for the Whiskey Rebellion. He was sentenced to hang for treason, but was pardoned by President George Washington. Wigle makes several varieties of Rye as well as other spirits, including bourbons. If you are a die-hard rye fan, you’ll probably find this too expensive compared to other very good ryes, but it is still worth at least a taste. Guest Review Nose: “Youthful smell. Hints of cherry and something sour.” Palate: “I taste the oak right away. Easy mouthfeel with light/medium heat. Not too much going on with this one but it's not bad. I do get some light fruit hints but not too much else. Easy, simple drinker.” “Not a lot going on, just misty. It would make a gentle, easy sipper.” “A gentle rye sipper….with a wiggle.”
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