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John B. Stetson Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Nose: Light. Sweet. And, for the first time, I got some floral notes. I’m not a flower expert, but I’m going to go with honeysuckle? There’s also a hint of alcohol and corn. Palate: The first thing that hit me was a rich, heavy, mouthfeel. It surprised me because the bourbon’s color is a bit on the light side. There’s a “chewiness” to it. The first sip had a nice, warming finish, but it didn’t last too long. On further sips, it seemed to be even shorter. I’m catching some spiciness, but it really isn’t like other rye flavors I can remember. It definitely isn’t as sweet as some of the last several bourbons reviewed and might even be described as bitter. I’m also picking up some burnt or toasty aspects that perhaps are oaky? Comments: This is an interesting creature. I kinda like it, but it is really hard for me to express exactly why. I tend to like sweeter bourbons and this doesn’t fall into that category. I like rye and rye-in-the-mash-bill flavors, but I can’t say that this is over the top in rye-ness either. I like that it is rich and chewy. You don’t mind sipping it because it just “feels” so nice. It clocks in at 84 proof and is reported to be 4 years old and sourced from an “undisclosed” KY distillery (although, some sources guess, Heaven Hill). Interestingly, this was supposedly originally marketed for the German market. The mash bill has corn, wheat, barley and rye, but I didn’t see the percentages. If memory serves, this cost somewhere in the $30 range. I think this would be a great example of a bourbon to taste against other bourbons, for contrast.
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