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Larceny Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Nose: This has a classic bourbon smell that leans to the light side and has some notes of mint mixed in. The vanilla was very prominent on some sniffs. Palate: This has a slightly oily mouthfeel that is middle of the road to slightly heavy. It has earthy flavors mixed in with some classic bourbon sweetness that includes caramel and vanilla, with a lean toward the vanilla. It has some warmth up front what drifts away a bit and then comes back in during the finish, which is slightly on the long side. Comments: I had this as part of a side-by-side tasting with Maker’s Mark (as part of a Bourbon Bracket challenge). I was surprised that it had both more heat but also more flavor complexity than Maker’s. This is 92 proof and upon tasting it, you can confirm that it isn’t your standard 80 proof. The company states it is a 6 year old. The mashbill isn’t listed by the distillery but is reported to be 68% corn, 20% wheat, 12% malted barley. Total Wine sells it for $25, which places it right in the middle of the pack for your “standard” bourbons. This is definitely worth trying and, at $25, if it tickles your fancy, it is an affordable choice as a daily drinker.

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