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Old Grandad

Nose: Sweet. It has that nice corn-sweet scent without the “moonshineyness”. I actually get a little bit of butterscotch. The nose isn’t overpowering, but it is pleasant. Palate: This has a heavy sweetness that I really like. Not really a “corn” sweetness, but almost like that brown sugar sweetness that other reviewers often cite. Right before the finish, it gives you a little “thump”….this is hard to describe, but if feels like it might be a little bit of an alcohol punch….but not in a harsh, burning or even warming way. It is like it is prepping you for the finish. The finish is, however, pretty short. It warms a little and then goes away, but leaves you with a hint of sweetness. It also has an odd mustiness to it. It doesn’t detract, but it is noticeable. Comments: I had forgotten how decent this is for a low-price bourbon. I really do like this one. I like that it is sweet, ‘cause that’s how I like my bourbon (although, I also do enjoy a high-rye, spicy bourbon too!). After doing some research, it turns out I must have had this bottle for while, because it is 86 proof and Old Grand Dad is no longer bottled at that. This is a Jim Beam product that is now put out at 80 proof. I’m actually kinda surprised I like this, because I’m not usually a big fan of Jim Beam products. Internet sources put the mash bill at 63% corn, 27% rye, 10% malted barley. Old Grand Dad is also put out at 100 proof, Bottled-in-Bond, so don’t confuse this with that. I think I have some of that…..I’ll put it on the list…..

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