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Redwood Empire - Pipe Dream Bourbon

Nose: This has a light sweetness punctuated by cinnamon and mint. There’s a bit of raisin too. Palate: The first sip hits the tongue with a good deal of tingling, followed quickly by a rush of heat. The mouthfeel is on the light side of medium. The finish starts out fairly long but seems to get shorter on later sips. The heat, however, seemed to intensify on later sips. This has a very dry taste and has a decent amount of youthful features. The heat comes across as warmth and isn’t harsh or burning and is relatively short in the finish. Later sips continue with the dryness and it reminds me of the same taste and mouth sensation you get from a dry wine. There is very little sweetness to speak of and I wasn’t picking up on any overwhelmingly large amounts of rye spice. If it wasn’t for the tingle on the tongue (which continued on later sips, but manifested itself later in the sip, closer to the finish) and the peppery nature of it, I would say that this is the perfect bourbon to give to a wine enthusiast who doesn’t drink bourbon. Not being much of a wine guy, even with the heat/pepper/tingle going on, maybe a wine drinker would still enjoy it because of its similarity with wine? Is this the California influence?? Comments: This bourbon was guest reviewed (thanks again!) earlier. I meant to try review it shortly afterwards, but…..I forgot. Yeah, I know, “what a slacker!”. Buy hey….when all the days mix together and you lose track of things in a virus-populated routine, can you blame me? Sure, go ahead. In any case, I didn’t read the review before I had this, so feel free to go back and look at the guest review to see how it matches up….I’m too lazy today to do so here. The mashbill actually has a fair amount of rye in it, but I really wasn’t picking up on that. I did agree with the guest reviewer that this is not very complex and there’s really not a lot going on with it. This is 90 proof and the mashbill is reported to be 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% barley. This bourbon is a blend of Redwood’s own juice and sourced juice (undisclosed distillery, but from “Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee”).

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