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Zackariah Harris Kentucky Straight Bourbon

Nose: This has a very light, fruit and sweet nose, mixed with your usual “bourbon” scents. Palate: The first sip of this was very warming, without being too hot, harsh or burning. It has light sweet flavors, but I wouldn’t exactly describe it as a sweet bourbon. It is more on the “earthy” or woody side. It tastes a little youthful, but still has enough flavor to make you think it is older than it is. The mouthfeel is on the light side of medium and the finish is relatively short. It has some charred oak flavors in later sips and the finish gives a very dry impression. I wasn’t picking up on much if any rye in this one, so I suspect if there is rye in the mashbill, it is on the lower side. This easy drinking, but by no means complex. A simple bourbon, this is well suited for when a simple bourbon will do. Comments: This is 80 proof and, according to the label, “aged at least 36 months” and “distilled, aged and bottled by Glenmore Distillery, Louisville, KY. According to its history, Glenmore Distillery, which has been around in one form or another since 1855, was one of the four distilleries in the country allowed to distill “for medicinal purposes” during Prohibition. The distillery has changed hands several times in its history and is now owned by Sazarac, one of the corporate giants of the distilling world. So….this is some variety of Buffalo Trace juice. But….it isn’t made where Buffalo Trace it made. Glenmore is in Owensboro, KY and is one of the largest bottling facilities in KY. I purchased this small bottle at a very modest price (very sub $10 for a small bottle) in Florida several years ago. I was there with family and was looking for an inexpensive end-of-the-day bourbon to mellow out the day’s dealings with the family. I got it out of curiosity, since I had never seen it before. Internet sources speculate that this is a Barton product and possibly just a lower priced version of Barton’s 1792. If I had to guess, I’d say this MIGHT be right because it has that blandness that makes you yawn a bit because of its lack of ability to excite…yet, it is still enjoyable. That said, for the money, it is still a decent low-end alternative. Total Wine doesn’t sell this everywhere, but their website carries it for $9….for a 750 bottle! One thing I really like about bottles like this is that it is probably the same thing that is sold elsewhere but under a different label. SO…of you want a fun game, pick some up on your travels, taste it, and see what it might be labeled under in your area!

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